Town Newsletters & Publications


New Lebanon sends a quarterly newsletter to all its residents. This is a great place to find out what’s going on in Town and what has already occurred. Sometimes it includes directories or other useful information.

The newsletter is also emailed to residents. To join the town mailing list, email [email protected]

The following publications are produced by the Outreach & Marketing Committee:

New Lebanon Town Brochure – pdf

Businesses of New Lebanon Directory:
May 2024 Business Directory
August 2022 Edition
Nov. 2021 Edition

New Lebanon Food Brochure:
5.2023 Food Brochure 
5.2022 Food Brochure

Welcome packet for new residents and new businesses – contact [email protected] if you are new to town!

Other Community Newsletters

Grow the Valley, Inc., a non-profit organization in the town of New Lebanon, publishes a newsletter about upcoming events, activities, articles of interest, conservation and important issues impacting the town and its residents. If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter, send an email to [email protected]

The Lebanon Valley Community Corporation also publishes a quarterly newsletter with its latest initiatives. It  includes community news of interest. Write [email protected] to add your name to their mailing list.