New Lebanon’s Farms


New Lebanon has always been a farming community

The history of farming in New Lebanon is typical of the northeast in general and New York State in particular. The types and scale of farming have continually changed over the last two-and-a-half centuries.

At various times, agricultural activity centered around:

  • corn
  • timber, grains, vegetables, fruits and livestock
  • herbs, grains and seeds
  • sheep farming
  • herbs and pharmaceuticals
  • dairy farming
  • small, specialized farms of the current day

Today’s Farms

Beef, pigs, hay, silage and vegetables are the primary forms of commercial agriculture in the town. Pastures and crop fields of hay, corn and soybeans feed those livestock and out-of-town farms. Honey and maple syrup are also produced. Meat, eggs, and produce are sold at farm stands, farmer’s markets, and restaurants, including some in large cities. 

Farming the Lebanon Valley

from the Mohicans to the present day

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