New Lebanon’s
Natural Resources


We may not always agree on everything here in New Lebanon, but ask any resident why they enjoy living here, and 99% of the time you will hear about the beauty of New Lebanon.

Hand Hollow Conservation Area

Part of the Columbia Lane Conservancy, the 447 acre site includes ponds, a lake, wetlands, marshes, hardwood swamp, streams, fields, meadows and vernal pools.  Parking areas on Route 9 and Gale Hill Road. Website

Rail Trail

New Lebanon has part of the historic Rail Trail running in it – and hopes it gets expanded soon. We have an active group that maintains it. They are also working on restoring the NL Train Depot that sits on the trail. Facebook group

Shaker Swamp

The swamp was a major source of herbs for the early settlers of New Lebanon.  A dedicated group is working toward making it more accessible.  Check out the Shaker Swamp Conservancy Facebook page

Shaker Swamp Conservancy
P.O. Box 833, New Lebanon, NY  12125

The views

New Lebanon has some of the most beautiful views in the County, from the mountains to the valley to the amazing sunsets and sunrises provided by Mother Nature.

Wildflowers and Trees

The wildflower bloom in spring is outstanding, the fall is glorious, and the summer brings constant surprises. Evergreens provide beautiful winter contrasts. 

The Wildlife

Dozens of species of birds as well as rabbits, bobcat, fox, deer, raccoon, possum, black bear, and an occasional moose. The fishing’s not bad either!