Town Clean-up Day


Town Clean-Up Day is a one-day event held by the Town for its residents to have access to trash dumpsters also known as roll-offs. The roll-offs (dumpsters) are set up on the Town Hall property grass area in the space between the Highway Garage and the Shatford Pavilion.  The fee for this service is a non-perishable food donation to Charlie’s Pantry which can be dropped off at the Town Hall when you pick up your punch card.  Please be mindful of the expiration dates on your donated food as expired food cannot be accepted.

SAVE THE DATE: This year’s Town Clean-up Day will be September 7, 2024.

When is Town Clean-Up Day

It varies from year to year, but is generally in September. In 2024, it will be on September 7.

Do I have to do anything before I bring trash down to the dumpsters?

 Yes, you must obtain a punch card from the Town Clerk’s Office, The Building Dept Office or The Town Supervisor’s Office on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Tuesday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.). The Punch Cards will become available as of August 1, 2023, and will remain available up until the event day. One punch card per household allows 4 tires (up to 24 in.) and two trips in any vehicle that is a maximum of 10 ft.  We will ask for proof of residency (i.e., driver’s license, utility bill) as well as a non-perishable food item that will be donated to Charlie’s Pantry.  We will advertise the event well in advance to give you time to obtain your punch card. The announcements can be found in the Town’s official newspaper, newsletters, website, posted flyers in various locations around town, etc.

How do I get to the dumpsters?

On the day of the event, enter at the Shatford Park entrance off of Route 22N;  there will be a sign and/or balloons as a marker.  Drive past the little league field toward Old Post Rd.  This year’s event will be conducted in the grassy area between the town hall and the Pavilion.  Please see plot plan.

What do I do when I get to the drop-off area?

  As of 2021, the CSC now offers an electronics drop-off area during the event.  If you have electronics it would be beneficial to pack them near the top because that will be the first stop (see plot plan above).   Please also see the electronics acceptable vs non-acceptable list here.

Volunteers will then help you unload if you need assistance.  From there when you pull up to the dumpster area, the dumpsters will be labeled for specific materials (i.e., Tires, scrap metal, and General).   There is typically someone with a loader to assist at the scrap metal dumpster to assist with heavier items/loads (ie:  large appliances, etc.)

Should I pack my vehicle in any particular order?

 If you have electronics it would be beneficial to pack them near the top because that will be the first stop (see plot plan above). Knowing the placement of the label dumpsters will assist you in planning how to pack your vehicle.  The first dumpster is typically for tires, then the next dumpsters are typically for general trash, and at the very end is the dumpster labeled scrap metal only.  However; please review the plot plan linked above in case there are any unforeseen changes this year.  Volunteers are readily available to help assess which types of materials are in your load and will guide you to a free dumpster accordingly.  Reviewing the Plot Plan linked previously for this year’s dumpster placement as well as the list of acceptable items linked below is beneficial information to know in advance.

What is permissible to place in the dumpster?


Climate Smart Committee Sponsored electronics collection acceptable items please click here

*Gas and paint Cans: The containers are allowed only if empty. It is suggested that you allow the liquid gas to evaporate in a well-ventilated area.