New Lebanon Laws, Policies & Fees


Town Laws & Codes

Town Codes (click here to review)
(Laws & Resolutions adopted by the New Lebanon Town Board – not policy related – see below for policy related laws & resolutions)

Town Policies

Laws and resolutions adopted by the New Lebanon Town Board that are policy related

Bank Reconciliation Policy  Adopted 2.14.2023, 12/12/2023 amended
CDL Policy    10.10.2023
Credit Card Policy  
 2.14.2023 amended
Data Breach    9.12.2023 rev
Electronic Records Policy Adopted 2.14.2023
Employee-Appointment-Policy (2019-21) adopted-2019-06-11
Fair Housing Policy   adopted 12.12.2023
Fee Schedule    10.10.2023 rev
Firearms & Dangerous Weapons   adopted 12.28.2023
Fund Balance Policy  Adopted 1.11.22, 9.12.2023 rev
Investment Policy   9.12.2023 rev
New York State Public Employer Public Health Emergency Plan (Adopted Pandemic Plan)    9.12.2023 rev
Pavilion Fee Waiver Policy   9.12.2023 rev
Performance Management Policy    (was Compensation Pol)  11.14.2023 amended
Personnel Policy 12.28.2023 amended
Petty Cash Policy  Adopted 4.11.2023
Sexual Harassment – Replaced with Anti – Discrimination & Harassment Policy    rev & amended 12.28.2023
Social Media Policy 3.16.23 rev
Summer Youth Program ADA Policy  Adopted 5.15.2023
Summer Youth Program ADA Procedures  Adopted 5.15.2023
Summer Youth Program Acknowledgement of ADA Policy & Procedures  Adopted 5.15.2023
Town Historic Items Policy   10.10.2023 rev
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy    12.12.2023 rev

Procurement Policy – CH40 -(rev 3.16.2023)
Code of Ethics – CH16 -(rev 10.10.2023)

Proposed Legislation

Being considered by Town Board for enactment

Intro LL No 1 2024 (Self Storage Units) 03.04.2024

Pending Legislation

Adopted by Town Board, effective upon filing with NY Department of State

* None at this time.

Town Fees for Services and Permits

Town Fee Schedule (click here to review) updated 2/8/2022

(Current Fees charged by the Town for various services, permits, etc.)