Exciting announcement: 
New Lebanon is one of the very first 20 municipalities to be designated a pro-housing community in NYS, opening funding opportunities for the Town to increase its  housing stock.  This designation will help us create senior housing, workforce housing, affordable housing and so much more. This will help to ensure that our community can continue to grow and prosper, our local businesses can find employees who can afford to live here, and seniors and young families can afford to stay here.  

On Wednesday, February 7, Supervisor Houghtling joined the Governor and mayors and supervisors from around NYS for the announcement of the first 20 pro-housing designations and a round table discussion about housing needs across the State.  

A huge thank you to Chris Brown, the Columbia County housing coordinator and the CEDC for helping New Lebanon through the process of applying to be a certified pro-housing community! Another huge thank you to Ted Salem as chair of the ZRC and Cissy Hernandez as building department administrator for helping gather the required data and prepare the required documents for our application!  

You can watch the CBS6 news story here: