For informational purposes, we want you to be aware of the following information. A number of taxpayers have contacted us about a recent mailing from a tax abatement company. The mailings, in most instances, have exaggerated figures and have been alarming/scaring some taxpayers. We have dealt with these companies for a few years and are familiar with their marketing approach.

Here are the facts.

1.       These companies are not from this area, they do not know your town or neighborhood.

2.       They are not using the 2024 Assessments and Full Market Values.

A.      In a town that did not conduct a reassessment this year, the new assessments will not be public until May 1st.

B.      For towns that did conduct a reassessment, the company sent the mailing prior to the new assessments being mailed.

3.       These companies try to scare you with inflated values and inflated tax estimates.

4.       They have been known to file grievance forms with a requested value of $1,000 with no supporting documentation. This does not provide any information for the Board of Assessment Review to review and pushes the grievance to a court proceeding.

5.       Abatement companies’ FEE FOR SERVICE is 50% of the 1st year’s savings, if any, which equals the assessment reduction multiplied by the tax rate PRIOR to exemptions. What this means is that you will be giving some of your EXEMPTION SAVING, if any, to the abatement company.  Some of them also have ‘hidden fees.’

6.       You have every right to grieve your assessment.

a.       If you feel your Market Value is too high, gather some information to support your determination and contact your ASSESSOR.

b.       You also have the option to use an attorney or a tax abatement company. We just want you to understand what is being presented.