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Code of Ethics

The Town of New Lebanon is is committed to enhancing public confidence in local government. The Code of Ethics of the Town of New Lebanon is available for your review by clicking here.

If you feel there has been a violation of this code, you may file a complaint by sending a letter to:
Ethics Board Chairperson
P.O. Box 328,
New Lebanon, NY 12125




(Directions to Town Hall Offices – click here)

Kimberly Smith, Assessor
Phone: 518-794-8875
Fax: 518-794-9694

Office Hours:
Monday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm & Wednesday 12-2 (by Appointment)


The fastest and easiest way to contact the assessor is via email.

Email: [email protected]


TAXES – The Assessor does not determine tax rates or collect taxes. For information regarding TAXES please call the TAX COLLECTOR. You can view or print your tax bill by following this LINK.

Tammie Darcy, Tax Collector
[email protected]
Phone: 518-794-8882
Fax: 518-794-9694

Lisa Kreutziger, School Tax Collector
New Lebanon CSD
Phone: 518-794-1600
Email: [email protected]

JoAnne Wright
(518) 392-1508
Collector of School Taxes
Chatham CSD
50 Woodbridge Ave.
Chatham, NY 12037

DEEDS and other PUBLIC Documents are NOT kept in the Assessors office. To view these records please follow this LINK.


NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS)
Columbia County Real Property
New Lebanon  Assessment Roll
Assessment & Inventory Data for all Columbia County Municipalities
Deeds and Public Records
Tax Bills
Tax Foreclosure Sales





The Wednesday following the last Tuesday in May. 

Normal hours are between the hours of 4 pm – 8 pm. 

In the year of a Reassessment they may start earlier.

The Board of Assessment Review is a public meeting held  once a year in the Meeting room located in the New Lebanon Town Hall.

Complaint forms can be accepted up until the close of the meeting. However, to avoid an adjournment forms should be submitted 3 days prior to Grievance Day to allow time for the Assessor to review. Forms can be mailed, emailed or dropped off at the Town Hall.

How to file a complaint

Grievance Form

Is your Assessment Fair

Property Tax Publications

Residential Sales

Land Sales

Board of Assessment Review Members:
Robert Weber
Dale Ackley
Sharon Moon



RENEWALS are sent the first week in December.


NEW STAR applicants- you will no longer be able to receive STAR directly on the school tax bill.
Instead, it will come as a REBATE check. You will need to register with the Department of Taxation and Finance to receive the rebate. Please see Register for Star below.
Property owners without access to a computer can register by phone weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm (518-457-2036) or www.tax.ny.gov.


If you’ve recently bought your home or you’ve never applied for the STAR benefit on your current home, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars each year. You only need to register for the STAR credit once, and you’ll continue to receive the annual benefit as long as you’re eligible. Register Below!

Switching from the exemption to the credit? Register below! You may receive a greater benefit.


Enhanced Star Renewals

The Tax Department will annually review applicants’ income to determine their eligibility for the Enhanced STAR exemption. You do not need to reapply with the Assessor.  If additional information is needed, the department will contact the property owner directly.  For Enhanced Star questions call 518-457-2036.

Changing from Basic STAR to Enhanced STAR.  If you currently have Basic STAR on your tax bill and are turning 65 years old with an adjusted gross income of less than 93,200 you may be eligible for Enhanced STAR.  For this you WILL apply with the Assessor.  Please call 518-794-8875 to have these forms mailed to you.


If a property owner disagrees with the Tax Department’s eligibility determination, they may appeal to the Tax Department. If the Tax Department denies the appeal and the property owner still believes they are eligible, they can then appeal to the State Board of Real Property Tax Services.

Seniors with LOW income – please see AGED exemption below.  If you think you will qualify please submit application “AGED” to the Assessor.


AGED (low income Senior)- sliding scale 5% to 50% based on income must be primary residence

  • Town, County and School income limit-$37,400*
  • * Town also allows for medical expenses deduction
  • * New Lebanon School District-allows for school age children to reside in the home.
  • Additional Forms- Renewal Form

Disabled with limited income – sliding scale 5% to 50%- must prove disability and income

  • Town, County and School income limit income limit-$37,400


  • War vet –- primary residence
  • Town taxes -15% of assessed value up to $36,000
  • County Taxes – 15 % of Assessed value up to $24,000
  • Chatham School District 15% of Assessed Value up to $12,000

Combat Vet – primary residence

  • Town Taxes – 25% of assessed values up to $60000
  • County taxes – 25% of assessed value up to $40000
  • Chatham School District – 25% of Assessed Value up to $20,000
  • Disabled Vet– primary residence
  • Town Taxes- ½ of the disability rating up to $120,000
  • County taxes ½ of the disability rating up to $80,000
  • Chatham School District ½ of disability up to $40,000
  • Cold War– primary residence- 10 year exemption
  • Town and County Taxes – 15% of assessed value up to $12,000
  • Disabled Cold War
    • Town and County taxes not to exceed $40,000

Agricultural Exemption


Forestry Exemption (480a)- must have at least 50 acres and commit to a 10 year plan.

  • Please see link or call the assessor for more information.


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