Message from Sharon Moon, local historian and former Town Historian:

I would like to update everyone on our progress restoring, cleaning or replacing damaged Revolutionary War veteran’s stones in one of the oldest and most historically significant cemeteries in New Lebanon.  Many of you know I have worked on local cemeteries for many years.  When I retired many moons ago I wanted to make sure every veteran had a flag; I thought I would need a project to keep me busy and it shouldn’t be that difficult! How silly!  

Ed Godfroy has placed the flags in our cemeteries for years; the number has increased in recent years with identification of Revolutionary War soldiers and other vets. Records were destroyed during the War of 1812 when the British burned Washington; leaving no records of ‘those who served’. Our heroes came from NY, RI, CT, and MA; each individual must be researched in depth to find his record of service. Many families have 5-6 generations with the same name, think of searching for our John Smith in 4 states with no middle initial!

If you would like to help cleaning or restoring any of our 40+ cemeteries contact me or go to our library to find old burial lists.  These lists are not complete or entirely accurate but are a good place to start; they have not been updated since the 1980’s. Stones were not unearthed at that time for identification.  Many of the oldest stones did not have concrete bases and simply fell over and some are still buried under 5-6” of debris.

You can still donate for a 2023 tax deduction!  Cypress Hill Cemetery is located on the hill adjacent to the Evergreen Cemetery.  The Evergreens board, the Hudson Dar and the LVCC have been instrumental with this project.

Currently donations are $18,930 [12/15/2023] to help with repairs, restoration and some tree removal.  I would like to thank the many volunteers who helped over the years and those who recently donated. Donations can be made with PayPal accounts or credit cards through:  Select “Friends of Cypress Hill Fund” in the “Funding Options Dropdown Box.” or send a check to:   

 Cemetery of the Evergreens
 PO Box 773
 New Lebanon, NY 12125                                    

Sharon Moon      518-766-5004  
local historian and former Town Historian