Business & Economic Development Committee

The Business & Economic Development Committee will meet on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the New Lebanon Town Hall.  All meetings are open to the public.  This committee is tasked at encouraging business development and growth, supporting existing businesses to be successful, and promoting tourism and economic development throughout the town.

Monte Wasch, Chair
Sharon Powers, Minutes Taker
Deborah Gordon, TB Liaison
Tistrya Houghtling, Town Supervisor
Anna Duhon
Ellen Ann Kafkalas
Mitchel Kelleher
Danielle Kuffel
Jack Lancto
Peg Munves
Erminia Rasmussen
Chuck Geraldi
Josh Young
Stephen Abramson


10.3.2022 Minutes 
7.11.2022 Minutes 
6.6.2022 Minutes 
5.2.2022 Minutes
4.4.2022 Minutes 
2.7.2022 Minutes 
1.4.2022 Minutes 
12.7.2021 Minutes
10.5.2021 Minutes 
9.8.2021 Minutes 
7.12.2021 Meeting Notes (No quorum) 
6.7.2021 Meeting Notes (No quorum)
5.3.2021 Minutes
4.5.2021 Minutes
3.1.2021 Minutes
2.1.2021 Minutes
12.7.2020 Minutes
11.2.2020 Minutes
9.17.2020 Minutes
8.3.2020 Minutes
7.6.2020 Minutes
6.1.2020 Minutes
4.6.2020 Minutes
2.24.20 Minutes

Business Directory:

August 2022 Edition

Nov. 2021 Edition

5.2022 Food Brochure

Business Coupon Book -Issued May 2021