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Code of Ethics

The Town of New Lebanon is is committed to enhancing public confidence in local government. The Code of Ethics of the Town of New Lebanon is available for your review by clicking here.

If you feel there has been a violation of this code, you may file a complaint by sending a letter to:
Ethics Board Chairperson
P.O. Box 328,
New Lebanon, NY 12125



12.11.2018 Regular Meeting

12.11.2018 PH on 2019 LVPA Contract

12.7.2018 Special Meeting

11.30.2018 Special Meeting

11.19.2018 Special Meeting

11.13.2018 Regular Meeting

11.8.2018 PH on 2019 Town Budget

11.8.2018 PH on 2019 LVPA Budget

10.30.2018 Special Meeting

10.29.2018 Special Meeting

10.29.2018 PH on CRS Contract

10.25.2018 Special Meeting

10.18.2018 Special Meeting

10.16.2018 Special Meeting

10.15.2018 Special Meeting

10.9.2018 Regular Meeting

9.25.2018 Special Meeting

9.11.2018 Regular Meeting

8.29.2018 Special Meeting

8.14.2018 Regular Meeting

7.10.2018 Regular Meeting

6.12.2018 Regular Meeting

6.4.2018 Special Meeting

5.17.2018 PH on Lover’s Lane Property

5.8.2018 Regular Meeting

5.8.2018 Special Meeting

4.19.2018 Special Meeting

4.10.2018 Regular Meeting

4.10.2018 Public Hearing LL #1 2018

3.13.2018 Regular Meeting

2.27.2018 Quad Board Meeting

2.20.2018 Special Meeting

2.13.2018 Regular Meeting

2.13.2018 Special Meeting

1.30.2018 Quad Board Meeting

1.17.2018 Annual Audit

1.9.2018 Regular Meeting

1.2.2018 Organizational Meeting


12.28.2017 Year End Meeting

12.28.2017 PH on 2018 LVPA Contract

12.28.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Cold War Exemption

12.12.2017 Regular Meeting

11.14.2017 Regular Meeting

11.9.2017 Public Hearing on 2018 Town Budget

11.9.2017 Public Hearing on 2018 LVPA Budget

10.19.2017 Budget Workshop Minutes

10.17.2017 Budget Workshop Minutes

10.10.2017 Regular Meeting

10.6.2017 Special Meeting

10.4.2017 Budget Workshop

9.15.2017 Special Emergency Meeting

9.12.2017 Regular Meeting

9.12.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Recreation Commission

8.8.2017 Regular Meeting

8.8.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Recreation Commission

7.11.2017 Regular Meeting

6.13.2017 Regular Meeting

6.13.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Zoning – Procedural Changes

5.9.17 Regular Meeting

5.9.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Solar

4.26.2017 Special Meeting

4.11.2017 Regular Meeting

4.11.2017 Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law: Solar

3.28.2017 Special Meeting

3.28.2017 Quad Board Meeting

3.16.2017 Regular Meeting

3.13.2017 Special Meeting

2.28.2017 Special Meeting

2.14.2017 Regular Meeting

2.14.2017 Special Meeting

1.19.2017 Annual Audit Meeting

1.10.2017 Regular Meeting

1.10.2017 Public Hearing – LVPA Contract

1.2.2017 Annual Organizational Meeting



The The Eastwick Press is the official newspaper of the Town of New Lebanon.

Town Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Requests for and/or submissions for inclusion on the agenda for a town board meeting must be received in the office of the town clerk no later than the close of business on the Wednesday immediately preceding the board meeting.

If you would like to have the minutes of the Town Board Meetings and notices of special Town Board meetings and Public Hearings sent directly to your email address, please send your request - including your email address to [email protected].