Quality Of Life Committee

The Quality of Life Committee was created in February of 2022 with the intent to work on issues such as housing, health care access, community center and other potential issues that affect the quality of life in New Lebanon.

The Quality of Life Committee will meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4pm starting in May of 2022.  In April of 2022, the meeting will be held on April 19th at 4pm (the 3rd Tuesday).  As of now, meetings will be held online via google meets at the link below.  If and when online meetings are no longer allowed per NYS, the meetings will be held at the New Lebanon Town Hall, 14755 State Route 22, New Lebanon, NY, 12125.

MEMBERS:  Tistrya Houghtling, Marianna Anthonisen, Britt Buckenroth, Sharon Powers, Erminia Rasmussen, Bob Gilson and Josh Young


8.23.22 Minutes 
7.26.22 Minutes 
5.26.22 Minutes
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