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Code of Ethics

The Town of New Lebanon is is committed to enhancing public confidence in local government. The Code of Ethics of the Town of New Lebanon is available for your review by clicking here.

If you feel there has been a violation of this code, you may file a complaint by sending a letter to:
Ethics Board Chairperson
P.O. Box 328,
New Lebanon, NY 12125

Board of Assessment Review Members:

Robert Weber
Dale Ackley
Sharon Moon

ZBA Forms & Applications

ZBA  Procedures
ZBA application and instructions

How to Create an Abutter List

All public hearings require that abutting property owners be notified BY THE APPLICANT within ten (10) days prior to the scheduled public hearing date. The radius of property owners will vary from 100 to 300 feet depending on the project. Click here to view a sample abutter notification letter containing the proper legal details.

Agricultural Data Statement

SEQR forms and EAF mapper

ZBA Minutes

2023 Minutes
01.03.2023 No meeting
02.07.2023 No meeting
03.07.2023 No meeting
04.04.2023 No meeting
05.02.2023 Regular Meeting minutes
06-06-23 Regular Meeting minutes

01.04.2022-Regular Meeting Minutes
01.04.2022- Public Hearing Minutes- Eola Beattie
01.04.2022- Public Hearing Minutes- Matt Carr
01.04.2022- Decision Document- Eola Beattie
01.04.2022- Decision Document- Matt Carr
02.01.2022- No Meeting
03.01.2022- No Meeting
04.05.2022- No Meeting
05.03.2022- Regular Meeting Minutes
06.07.2022- Regular Meeting Minutes
06.07.2022- Decision Document- Carpinello
07.05.2022- No Meeting
08.02.2022- Regular Meeting Minutes
08.02.2022- Public Hearing Minutes
08.02.2022- Decision Document- Lindsay Robert
09.06.2022- Public Hearing Minutes
09.06.2022- Regular Meeting Minutes
09.06.2002- Decision Document LVPA


01.05.2021- No Meeting
02.02.2021- No Meeting
03.02.2021- No meeting
04.06.2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
04.06.2021- Decision Document- Ezinga
05.04.2021 – Regular Meeting Minutes
06.01.2021- Regular Meeting Minutes
06.01.2021- Decision Document Sawyer
07.06.2021- Regular Meeting Minutes
08.08.2021- No Meeting
09.07.2021- Regular Meeting Minutes
09.07.2021- Public Hearing Minutes- Lang
09.07.2021- Public Hearing Minutes- Coburn
09.07.2021- Decision Document- Coburn
09.07.2021- Decision Document- Lang
10.05.2021- Regular Meeting Minutes
11.02.2021- Regular Meeting Minutes
12.07.2021- No Meeting

01.04.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes 
02.04.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes 
03. 03.2020 No Meeting
04.07.2020 No Meeting
05.05.2020 No Meeting
 06.02.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
 06.02.2020 Public Hearing Minutes
06.02.2020 Decision Document  Hall/Snyder
07.07.2020 No Meeting
08.04.2020 No Meeting
09.01.2020Regular Meeting Minutes
10.06.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
10.06.2020- Decision Document Northeast Auto
11.03.2020- Regular Meeting Minutes
11.03.2020- Decision Documents Tammy Darcy
12.01.2020- No Meeting

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