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ZBA Agendas and Documents

March 20, 2018 Agenda (Please click here)

Related documents:

Case No. ZBA 2017-008 Shaker Mill Properties C/O Lori Bashour

Mike Munsinger, owner of M&M Tap room located within the Midtown Mall, is requesting an area variance for a recently built shed that was placed too close to the property line without a permit. He is also seeking an area variance for some excessive signage that is placed at his tavern entrance.

Case No.: ZBA-2018-001 – Michael Darcy – [19.2-1-85]

Discussion:  The Applicant is appealing a Notice of Violation and is seeking an interpretation regarding home occupations.

Case No.: ZBA-2018-002 – Tegan Joy Cook (20.1-1-60.1)

The applicant is seeking a Special Permit for a Small Business Operation (SBO) at 435 Route 20

Case No.: ZBA-2018-004 – Tegan Joy Cook (20.1-1-60.1)

The applicant is seeking a variance for an oversized sign that will accommodate two separate businesses