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(Directions to Town Hall Offices – click here)

Kim Cammer, Assessor
Phone: 518-794-8875
Fax: 518-794-9694

Office Hours:
Monday 8:30am – 12:00pm


The deadline for filing any exemption is March 1st.


NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS)

Columbia County Real Property

New Lebanon  Assessment Roll

Assessment & Inventory Data for all Columbia County Municipalities

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2019 Reassessment News

All data has been verified and notices were sent to residential property owners for review.  The Assessor is currently working with the County on updating values.  The next step is for the Assessor to review the values and comparables and ultimately assign each property a new value.  This process should be completed by February.  Around February, the Assessor will send out “INFORMAL NOTICES” to each property owner.  At that time, property owners will have an opportunity to meet with the Assessor to review any values they feel are incorrect.

Check back for more news!


Exemptions offered in New Lebanon

All NEW STAR applicants- you will no longer be able to receive STAR directly on the school tax bill. Instead it will come as a REBATE check. You will need to register with the Department of Taxation and Finance to receive the rebate. To register click here

Enhanced STAR renewal– For 2019 All applicants MUST file this the IVP form. In following years the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance will determine you eligibility, not the Assessor. There will be no need to reapply with your assessor.

Seniors with LOW income – please see AGED exemption below.  If you think you will qualify please submit application “AGED” to the Assessor.


AGED (low income Senior)- sliding scale 5% to 50% based on income must be primary residence

  • Town, County and School income limit-$37,400*
  • * Town also allows for medical expenses deduction
  • * New Lebanon School District-allows for school age children to reside in the home.
  • Additional Forms- Renewal Form


Disabled with limited income – sliding scale 5% to 50%- must prove disability and income

  • Town, County and School income limit income limit-$37,400



  • War vet –- primary residence
  • Town taxes -15% of assessed value up to $36,000
  • County Taxes – 15 % of Assessed value up to $24,000
  • Chatham School District 15% of Assessed Value up to $12,000

Combat Vet – primary residence

  • Town Taxes – 25% of assessed values up to $60000
  • County taxes – 25% of assessed value up to $40000
  • Chatham School District – 25% of Assessed Value up to $20,000
  • Disabled Vet– primary residence
  • Town Taxes- ½ of the disability rating up to $120,000
  • County taxes ½ of the disability rating up to $80,000
  • Chatham School District ½ of disability up to $40,000
  • Cold War– primary residence- 10 year exemption
  • Town and County Taxes – 15% of assessed value up to $12,000
  • Disabled Cold War
    • Town and County taxes not to exceed $40,000


Agricultural Exemption


Forestry Exemption (480a)- must have at least 50 acres and commit to a 10 year plan.

  • Please see link or call the assessor for more information.

Late STAR Process (2019)

If you missed the March 1st deadline for filing your Enhanced STAR application you may be able to request an extension. For more information please follow this link


What to do if you disagree with your assessment

Grievance Form

Grievance Day (Board of Assessment Review) is the Wednesday following the 4th Tuesday in May.

Board of Assessment Review Members:
Robert Weber
Dale Ackley
Sharon Moon

Assessment Related News