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Town Clean Up Day FAQ

What is Town Clean Up Day?  Town Clean Up Day is a one day event held by the Town for its residents to have access, to trash dumpsters also known as roll-offs. The roll-offs (dumpsters) are set up in the Town Hall parking lot in the space between the Highway Garage and the basketball courts. This is the easterly side of the Highway Garage.  The fee for this service is a non-perishable food donation to Charlie’s Pantry which can be dropped off at the Town Hall when you pick up your punch card.

When is Town Clean Up Day?   2017 date to be announced.

Do I have to do anything before I bring trash down to the dumpsters?  Yes, you must obtain a punch card from the Town Clerk’s Office or the Building Department at the Town Hall. One punch card per household allows 4 tires and two trips in any vehicle that is a maximum of 10 ft.  We will ask for proof of residency (i.e., driver’s license, utility bill) as well as a non-perishable food item that will be donated to Charlie’s Pantry.  We will advertise the event well in advance to give you time to obtain your punch card. The announcements can be found in the Town’s official newspaper, newsletters, website, posted flyers in various locations around town, etc. When you load your trash onto your vehicle be mindful that the following items need to be separated out and it would be most beneficial if they were accessible first:  tires, metal, Freon appliance, car batteries.  The County has advised us that we can not accept electronics. On the day of the event the Town Hall parking lot will be arranged with a specific traffic flow pattern. Therefore, one of the current entrances will only be used as an exit and will be clearly marked so there is no confusion as to where you will enter and exit.

What do I do when I get to the dumpsters?  When you pull into the parking lot someone will place a number on your windshield and ask you to temporarily park your vehicle in a regular Town Hall demarcated parking spot until your number is called.  This is done so that a line does not form and extend out onto Route 22 or Old Post Road. When your number is called you will then pull your vehicle into the space between the Highway Garage and the basketball court where the dumpsters are set up. Volunteers will then help you unload. Specific dumpsters will be labeled for specific materials (i.e., Batteries, Tires, Freon, scrap metal and General). As you unload your vehicle into the appropriate dumpsters you will advance your vehicle forward toward the back of the highway garage and exit on the path at the westerly side of the Highway Garage and continue out to the main exit onto Route 22.

What if I need help getting the trash out of my home?  Provided that we have enough volunteers, there is a possibility that someone may be able to assist residents who may need help with large or heavy items or need a truck. Simply call Kent Pratt at 794-8884 (or cell 518- 755-5165) well in advance to schedule and coordinate assistance as these special pick-ups must occur a day or two before the event is scheduled.

What is permissible to place in the dumpster?   No household kitchen waste garbage, no yard debris (limbs/leaves), no hazardous waste and no electronics, a maximum of a 10 ft. truck or trailer that is hand loaded not machine compacted. Specific items based on resident inquiries are listed: If you have questions about a specific item please feel free to contact the Building Department at 794-8884.

Yard Debris (limbs/brush/leaves) no
Household Garbage no
Hazardous Material no
Latex Paint (If dried out) yes
Latex Paint in Liquid form no
Oil Based Paint no
Batteries yes
Electronics no
Furniture yes
Appliances (even with Freon) yes
Asbestos Roof Shingles yes
Asbestos Siding Shingles no
C&D Material (Construction & Demolition) yes
Tires (4 maximum) yes
Gas Cans *see below
 No burnable construction debris  **see below

*Gas Cans: The containers are allowed only if empty. It is suggested that you allow the liquid gas to evaporate in a well ventilated area.  Alternatively, some gas stations have a disposal facility.

**Burnable construction debris:   Construction debris is not prohibited. However; we are asking that you consider other means of disposing such as burning.  You may visit Columbia County 911 – Controlled Burn website here:  for more detailed information.

Additional information regarding large appliances:

Best Buy also accepts most electronics and large appliances at no charge