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Planning Board – Agendas & Documents

March 20, 2019 Agenda (please click here)

Case No. PB-2019-001 – Thomas & Carol Benson (19.-1-57.111)

(Public Hearing) The Applicant is requesting a minor two-lot subdivision of their property on County Route 5.

Application, SEQRA, Map

Case No. PB-2019-003 – Sandpiper Ranch, LLC (17.-1-30.111)

(Public Hearing) The Applicant is proposing a minor subdivision of lands it owns located on Old Gale Hill Road and Wadsworth Road, using Old Gale Hill Road as the dividing line for the 2 parcels which will create a parcel of approximately 84+/- acres on the west side (which is to be sold) and a parcel of 3+/- acres on the east side of Old Gale Hill Road.