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From the Cemetery of the Evergreens

From the Cemetery of the Evergreens

Information about Repair of the Tilden Monument


For more than two hundred years, the Cemetery of the Evergreens has provided beauty and dignity for families with loved ones buried there.  During that time, many trustees and volunteers have worked to maintain what we have come to expect in this beautiful final resting place.  This maintenance includes: lawn mowing; tree trimming and removal when necessary; road repair and improvement; placing of military markers and corner stones; resetting of grave stones and much more.


Many of these tasks are accomplished with volunteer labor, but some require the use of contractors.  This work must be paid for from the funds in the Cemetery treasury.  One example of contracted work is the maintenance of the Governor Samuel J. Tilden monument.  The last major maintenance action was conducted in 1984: the structure was completely disassembled and rebuilt with the best techniques available at the time.  In 2004, a general cleaning and caulking was done.


The Cemetery Trustees are working with the Lebanon Valley Historical Society and the New Lebanon Town Board to restore some stone work on the Tilden Monument.  The cost of this work has been estimated by a professional restoration contractor at $22,800.  We are seeking funding from NY State government sources, available grants from organizations like the Fund for Columbia County, and individuals like you.  Our goal is to have the contractor complete the restoration in 2018 as part of the NL200 celebration of the 200th anniversary of the chartering of the Town of New Lebanon.


If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Doug Banker, fundraising coordinator, at or 518-794-9764.